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Nobody is born with the gift to create a fully crafted piece of music but there are people born just to make music. Much of today's music industry is DIY - gone are the days of bands getting together to make music and looking for a record label. Much of today's music is self funded by independent artists, many of whom have no choice but to follow their calling. 

What our hearts forget is that while making music is our purpose, it is a business that requires $$$ and it is an evolving business. As I evolved as an artist - I went from trying to turn my songs into products leading me to live the life of an audio engineer. I realized engineers are like artists too. Many of us just make music in our bedrooms, from songwriters to artists to engineers - that is where we start. We have reached a global stage where someone writing a song in Berlin gets it produced by someone in Argentina and mixed by someone in London. But who funds all this music when there isn't that much money to be made without the right distribution, planning, PR and marketing strategy. Everything requires money and the people who are failing are the creatives. 


There is a communication gap in the industry, much of my time as a music producer was spent looking for the right person to mix my music, for the right person to master it. This process should be easy, making music should be easy, finding the right professional to work with should be easy. 


Mix Music Master is here to change the technical aspects of the industry by giving Mixing and Mastering engineers a community where they can teach others their craft while honing the art of  independent artists. Everybody wins, one mix at a time. 

- Rivita Goyle, Founder. 

But what is mixing and mastering and why should I care..??

Making music is an art that requires careful precision.


Mixing the art of taking all of the instrumental, sound effects and other elements that make a song and putting them together not only in a creative and artistic way but also making sure that it is technically on point by balancing out the volumes of all the instruments and removing all sonically annoying frequencies. Many listeners do not know that someone sat in a studio for hours and hours listening to each and every element of the song and fixing it and bringing it to point. Next time when you are listening to a song, listen to how the backing vocals pop in from the left of your earphones and the percussion comes in at just the right time and everything is held tightly together by the groove - that was a mixing engineer's work. Over all mixing is getting all the ingredients working together in a beautifully crafted dish!

Mastering is the final step before a song is distributed to stores such as Spotify, iTunes, Youtube, Soundcloud etc. and also for physical distribution. With digital distribution the lines between mixing and mastering also became blurry and for many, mastering is a mythical art only a few seem to understand. Mastering is like the final packaging. Imagine you are going to work in the morning, you have your headphones on and you are jiving to the music. Both your hands have a cup of coffee, one for you and one for your co-worker that you have a crush on. Suddenly, a song comes onto your Spotify playlist that is MUCH louder than the previous one and yours ears hurt, you don't know what to do but you tolerate this for 3 minutes. If you hands were free you would skip it within the first 10 seconds. Mastering Engineers make sure something like this does not happen, being the final ears on a mix - they enhance the beauty and art of it while also enabling the audience to have the best listening experience. 



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